Signing a collaboration agreement with the Florida Bar Association

• Roy Gones,
(attorney, member of the Florida Bar Association)
• Sergey Nazarov (CEO of GN Consulting)
• Mykhailo Katsyn (moderator)

As part of the negotiations, the parties agreed on cooperation with the aim of improving the qualifications of employees of all departments of the Odesa City Executive Committee.
The tool for implementing these agreements will be a series of seminars by the representative of the Florida Bar Association Roy Gones, who has served as arbitrator of commercial disputes in the United States for over 30 years.
Participants will evaluate and analyze the US experience in building effective local government and formulate a roadmap for adapting Odesa local government to modern standards of management and public policy.
Special attention will be paid to modeling managerial conflicts and improving the quality of communication within the bureaucratic apparatus based on an integrated approach.